Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The World's Happiest Poor People

Venezuela's Population Still Stupid & Oppressed...Chavez Still Crazy

Here, take a look at this story: Venezuela Intensifies Takeover Fight With Big Firms.

Now let me ask you this:

"Why is the media so STUPID when it comes to writing headlines?"

After all, the last time I checked, a "takeover" involves BUYING a company.

You know, actually compensating the owners or investors for their financial costs.

Not so according to this story.

All you need is a few guns and bombs and you're in the oil business.

You see, the so-called Venezuela "takeover" is actually a "nationalization", or in reality the theft of private investors funds by a government entity, just because...

Just because they can, and Liberals like Jimmy Carter will avert their eyes in the process.

And the local peasants will hoot and holler and cheer about the results, then go home and have a nice bowl of dirt and glass of filthy water as they raise their angry fists in the air in celebration.

While we're at it, let me offer my own hearty "Yeeeeeee Haaaaaaaa" on their behalf...

If the US government continues along our track here in this hemisphere, that being one of ignoring people like Castro and the little twit dictator Chavez, and we keep not drilling our own oil reserves offshore and in Alaska, we're all going to be tap dancing in dark homes to the beat of music played by little tin hats like this &^%*$er.

Get a grip, people...


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Ed Drew said...

And it gets even worse, Jimmuh Cartuh would have private property nationalized in the US to give benefits such as health care, if he could. Jimmuh is much more an internationalist than most.