Thursday, January 04, 2007

I'm Tired

Roof Clean...Surprise Birthday A Success...

OK folks, let's take a look at my New Year's holiday scorecard to date.

One clean roof and set of rain gutters.
One new floodlight timer on out buildings.
One new security timer in main house.
Two new sections of wooden board fence repaired after removal of fallen pine trees (I got to use the chain saw.)

And finally...

One extremely surprised Mother (mine) who at 6 PM this evening walked into a room of 24 close friends and relatives, not having a clue as to our intentions.

She was almost speachless, but not quite. Two hours later everything was loaded into our car and everyone sped off into the evening.

Tomorrow we head back to St. Simons. It's a good thing, because I'M TIRED.

(Photo's to follow)

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