Saturday, January 06, 2007

The AMIGO Course

Lempio means “Clean”

I spent the early morning hours doing some design sketches for the next theater set I’m working on and watching FOX news with one eyeball.

A commercial for something called the “Amigo Course” just came on and I'm forced to ask…

"Why the heck should I buy some language class named “Amigo Course” that purports to teach me, a native American and English speaker for a little over 45 years, to speak Spanish by reading words that have been re-spelled so that they read in English like they are pronounced in Spanish?"

Am I missing something here or WHAT?

If this method of language instruction is truly effective, and IF anyone needs to learn anything regarding linguistic skills in this country, THEN I want to come out with my own language class called the “Friend Course” that would teach all of the wet backs illegal immigrants guest workers to speak the King’s English.

After all, it is still the United States of America, not Mexico North right now, isn’t it?

Well...I'm waiting for you to answer...

If I developed such a course, here’s an example of some of the curriculum:

Deodorant = Deodorant

Clean = Clean

Sanitary = Sanitary

Fresh Towels = Fresh Towels

Extra Soap = Extra Soap

No Room Service Needed = No Room Service Needed

Mop = Mop

Broom = Broom

Lawn Mower = Lawn Mower

Go back home = Go back home

Get out = Get the #@&%* out

Stay Out = Stay the %$&*#@ Out

I don't know for sure, but it seems to me that we're all being forced to bend over backwards (or sometimes forwards, grabbing the ankles) for the accommodation and benefit of the masses of our south of the border friends when in reality it should be the invaders that are doing the learning.

For me personally, it makes my head explode when I have to search the box or the instructions contained therein to find the English language description of what I am buying or trying to put together after I get home.

I've got to go now and do some more drawings, thinking about this makes my head hurt...

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