Friday, May 23, 2008

1800 Blog Postings

Mind Racing...Head Spinning...

Actually ladies and gentlemen, this represents essay number 1801 since things got started in my little sector of the Bloggosphere back about 45 months ago.

I really wish I had more to say these days, even if it were profanity laced partisan BS, but instead I'm spending my time being something I haven't spent much time doing in years...

I'M PRODUCTIVE ( as opposed to re-productive?)

Any way...

If daytime engineering projects and evening marketing plan development weren't enough, now I'm facing a Memorial Day weekend trip across the mountains to Charlotte, North Carolina to witness the daughter of a couple of college friends get married Saturday afternoon.

As I just recalled, Curtis was born the day after her parents, Bill and Beth, rode out a tornado in my little S-10 Blazer with my wife of the day and myself up on Windy Hill Road in Marietta, GA on our way to dinner in early 1984 (?).

The wind howled, the little SUV shook, and after having to come to a complete stop in the five lane road because of the green sky and zero visibility, when the wind died down and the rain ceased we were astonished to find a mobile office trailer from an adjacent shopping center construction site blown down an embankment and shattered to pieces in the roadway just ahead of us.

Twenty five yards could have possibly made the difference between a blank page and you're ability to read these words this morning; and there might not be a beautiful young bride and beaming parents adjacent to the altar this weekend had providence and the hand of God not stopped us at that point in the roadway that evening.

Who says I'm not one lucky son of a gun in spite of my best efforts to the contrary?

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