Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Engineering Technology

Beam Me Up Scotty...

I can hardly wait to get back in front of my office computer tomorrow morning.

You see, if things go as planned not only will I be driving AutoCAD 2009, but I'll also have a copy of Bentley Systems' STAAD 2006 finite element software residing on my hard disk by around 7 AM.

Yeah...I know...I know...I know...

EVERYONE doesn't appreciate having $7,000 worth of new programs that don't play music videos or sell you used books or E-bay auction items.

Still, I'll be lucky enough to be sitting in front of one of the baddest engineering terminals in our building on a daily basis (one of only three seats with AutoCAD 2009) as my importance continues to increase and I demonstrate my value as a businessman and engineer.

As of Tuesday afternoon I have permission to charge hours to the Business Development account, and I'm writing a marketing plan to expand our industrial duct system business into new areas and include my steel and fiberglass stack experience in our offerings.

I swore that I was out of the stack business on a daily basis for good after things went south in 1999 with my old corporation, but I guess eight years of being a professional beach bum balmed my spirit and allowed the smoldering embers left from the old fires to re-ignite.

You can just call me an old softy...I guess...

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