Friday, May 09, 2008

Am I Totally Wrong?

To Put Grecian Formula on my body hair?

OH know what I'm talkin' about ladies and gentlemen...that hair that started out living up there on top of my 6 foot plus frame... and now resides in other lower level places (other than on my face and on top of my knotty head...)

Can you say RHETORICAL Question?

(Regardless of your position on the matter,now I dare you to try to put THAT mental picture out of your shuddering head this evening (whether you actually know me or not...)

Haaaah...Got 'Cha...

PS: I really didn't do it...I just thought of it for a while and wrote about it because I'm desperate for Blog content.

1 comment:

HEATHER said...

UMM, there was an episode of Two and a Half Men, where Charlie had an atrocious itch down there, and spent the entire time scratching. He finally ends up in the ER with Allan for something and asks the doctor to take a look, and the doctor tells him its an allergy. To which Charlie confesses that he used Grecian. JUST SAYIN!