Monday, June 02, 2008

An Eighteen Foot Deep Hole In The Ground

Two Feet At A Time...

This morning I have to go back to work after yet another three day weekend.

It's a good thing, because I need the rest after living through what I did on my "days off."

Besides hauling nine panels of pre-fab picket fencing back to Lowe's (after paying them to deliver it a month ago), on Saturday I wandered over to Home Depot and came back to my driveway with TWO HUNDRED individual pickets and the lumber necessary to support them on the 4x4 posts Lowe's delivered with the faulty fence panels.

The other thing that snuck into my truck on the way home was one of these:

That would be a little "One Man" Auger designed to make holes in your yard for fence posts or plants.

On the first hole my rented auger drilled itself into the hard Kentucky clay so deep that it could not be extracted with human strength (limited as I am by recent maladies.)

Fortunately my auger was stuck against an old clothes line post to which I could connect my "come-along" and jack the little beast out of the ground.

After drilling about four two foot deep fence post holes, my auger needed one man and one woman to hold it stable and keep it from killing someone in the hole drilling process.

After about two hours there were nine nice clean post holes spaced on 12 foot increments along the sides of Missy the Turbo Pups new pen enclosure country recreational compound.

Yesterday the rain delayed most of the outdoor progress although I did manage to get four fence posts set and one 12 foot section of fence put together. Thank God for my air compressor and finish nail gun.

While the rain was falling I managed to get wire shelving installed in the guest room closet, leaving the office closet awaiting my efforts tonight after I finish another eight hours of injuneering.

All I want to know is...Who's idea was this any way?

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HEATHER said...

My hubby often says he is glad to go back to work so he can get some rest! LOL!! Hang in there!