Saturday, June 07, 2008

Rhetorical Inquiries

Answers To Questions I Shouldn't Have To Ask...

As I continue to re-arrange the carport this morning, already having made the obligatory trip to Home Depot in anticipation of the day's projects, I just noticed something amiss.

The problem occurred since earlier in the week, probably while I was sitting in the Hospital having my monthly dose of radiation induced photography.

The nice pile of wood scraps and sawdust I had swept up and left lying beside a stack of 12 foot 2x4's was gone--the wood scraps actually scattered around randomly beside the Suburban.

As I continued in my efforts, I realized that I was yet again the victim of...


(Que the ominous music here please...)

Is there some law written somewhere that states that you have to be a total freaking idiot mentally challenged just plain stupid in order to purchase else otherwise be allowed to operate a leaf blower on other peoples property or the right of way of public streets?

Or do leaf blowers somehow suck the brains out of otherwise intelligent men?

Possibly they emit cosmic rays or some as yet unknown beam of insanity inducing particles and waves that temporarily disable the mental faculties of otherwise normal people?

I wish someone would explain to me why you would start at the back and side of a carport and blow all of the lawn debris and dust and dirt all over $25,000 worth of automobiles, bicycles, tools, and other personal property.

Wouldn't it make sense to wader to the front of the carport and blow your way out?

Wouldn't it make even more sense to tap on the storm door (adjacent to the open kitchen door) and ask the homeowner to move their cars out of the way?

Just wondering...Is it just me?

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