Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Jerry Reed

Another Guitar Player In The Harp Section...

I've been asleep at the keyboard this week, between taking Labor Day off standing around in my yard and getting ready to do some more work today (on my last birthday before the big five O) in my capacity as an expert witness in a legal case being tried here in Knoxville.

Any way, I woke up this morning and finally stumbled across the report of Mr. Reed's demise on Monday. He was too young to go in my opinion--at 71. Whether singing and playing with his unique "claw" style or acting opposite his friend Burt Reynolds, he's gonna be hard to forget or replace.

Check out Mr. Reed and Porter Wagner (and the sideburns and Wagner's suit adorned wagon wheels):

R.I.P. Mr. Reed...


If you liked that video, check out this 1960's footage showing a much younger Jerry doing the same song, and his hit (and Elvis') "Guitar Man" as a bonus:

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