Monday, September 01, 2008

Get Out

And Bite Me...Geraldo Rivera

So as the latest Hurricane roars ashore in Louisiana this morning, I just have to ask...

Who do YOU blame for YOU living where you live today?

Your parents?


Your Job?

Or possibly...

the Government?

After all, the yellow pages are full of companies which own trucks and have strong brawny young men who earn their living putting things in boxes, the aforementioned boxes into trucks, then traversing the county roads and interstate highways (also supplied by the government and paid for with "taxpayer" dollars) only to disgorge the trucks contents into a new trailer, apartment, or if you are a Republican, six or eight new houses in another state.

Apparently today almost no one remembers that people less than 150 years ago in our country made that decision (where they live) for themselves.

The stupid ones stumbled off the boat, jumped on a covered wagon, and built a cabin on the scenic banks of a river in a valley that flooded every time the snow melted and soon were dispatched to Heaven or Hell at the whim of their maker.

Even further back in history we're told that entire settlements of people from across the Atlantic succumbed to starvation and Malaria or Indian Native American tomahawks and arrows and were forced to close up camp and move back to live among the religious savages of Europe.

Of course there wasn't much in the way of GOVERNMENT within the shores of this continent back then (if you discount the tribal councils of the Indians Native Americans) so people actually had to take risks on their own or otherwise think for themselves when entering uncharted territory.

Which brings me to today's dilemma...

According to every channel on the TV, thousands of people knowingly living on land below sea level elevation are facing the prospect of their homes, possessions, and lives being at risk as the latest in a million year series of hurricanes comes on shore from the Gulf of Mexico.

(Damn Mexicans...always causing problems...)

Supposedly it's the second time in three years this government sponsored event has occurred, but it must be true, because that's all I can find to watch on TV this morning...I was looking for some reruns of M*A*S*H or the Beverly Hillbillies...

I'm sorry, but my eyes have rolled so far back into my ever greying, ever balding skull that I'm having trouble finding the c o me p ut er kweyvboatrd roighyt nioew... now...wit mey fibngwers.


Dammit people...but didn't George Bush try to kill these same people in another flood three years ago?

And didn't FEMA look the other way because most of them were poor and BLACK and everyone knows that poor black folks are only worth a dime a dozen?

And didn't the US by-GOD Army Corps of Engineers (as opposed to the Core of Injuneers--the group I belong to) promise to fix the big piles of dirt the Levee's after the last storm?

Well, I know that my regular readers (all six of you --and you know who you are) may be getting tired of this reference, but I believe that my old friend and Idol, commedian Sam Kennison, had the answer not only to world hunger, but also to the problems on the Louisiana Gulf Coast this morning...

Moving trucks...boxes...and take a look at his words:

That will be all...for now...

(and no...I don't wish for anyone to get hurt in this storm...I'm just %$#@& tired of the media hysteria over something I've lived with, and for the most part avoided, for my entire life.)


Ed Drew said...

Very good. and damn, I'm disappointed, here I sit at 6:40 AM typing on my computer keyboard because I got up to check the weather because my house sits right on that black line where Gustav is predicted(very loosely used term) to go. When I went to bed the eye was due here at 7 tonight, now they shoved it back to 1 Am tuesday. Gee, not even a breeze this morning.
But seriously, as I've said before, I grew up on the Georgia coast and always looked forward to the storms to finally get some cool weather. Now they're all government sponsored disasters. The algore weather service has done their job of panicing everyone. Since global warming and George Bush couldn't get everybody 3 years ago, the weather service conjured up this one, but now it looks like it's gonna fizzle out. I'll probably have to get out tomorrow and water my grass. Damn they can't even predict 12 hours in advance but they wanta tell us that the US is gonna be a desert or under water in 50 years, yeeah, right.

ed drew said...

The good news, I won't have to water my lawn today. the better news, Gustav limped into town without fanfare. winds maybe up to 20, just a nice breeze. It is now dead.