Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Attention K-Mart Shoppers...

The Tree Is Off My Roof...

We had a hellascious thunderstorm here at the Turbo Pup compound yesterday afternoon.

In addition to the fun of enduring a 10 hour power outage--from 2:45 until about 11:50 PM, in the middle of the fireworks show a tree (or more accurately, a tree BRANCH the size of a 12" wide tree fell over and landed on the roof over the bedroom.

After deciding to buy a new Home owner's policy when I got off the phone call where they gave me a roofer and and tree services name but promised to stop by sometime in Fiscal 2010, I went over to talk to my neighbor who's tree the branch belonged to.

He said forget hiring a tree service, HE would take it down.

I said I'd loan him every tool I had, hold the ladder, and stay out of the way when required.

Got 'er done...more details and possibly some photos to check e-mail and make a couple of calls.

MORE... 10:30 PM

I forgot to mention the lucky way the branch fell--actually just "leaning over" onto the roof, such that there was virtually ZERO damage. A couple of shingles were nicked along the edge of the gable.

Talk about luck, in the end of the day we avoided having to have a new roof and possibly made a new friend of our neighbor in the process.

Can't ask for much more than that I guess....

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