Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm A Cooking Fool

Looking For New Stuff To Burn In Butter And Salt...

Since Pat's gone back to work full time--telecommuting--I've pretty much taken over a bunch of stuff solo around here she did historically even though I was sitting around doing not much of anything all day.

While I still need to start paying more attention to the hardwood floors and some other cleaning chores, I've pretty much got the laundry down to a scheduled art and I've ramped up the cooking to about five days a week in an effort to bring some sanity to our budget issues--financial and caloric (affecting the waist line.)

For instance, last week I did German Roulauden (Beef) one night, Mexican another, and a couple of pretty decent meals I've since forgotten the exact menu of. Then Saturday I did ribs on the grill with home made Kansas City Style BBQ sauce and Sunday turned out yet another of my soon to be world famous Greek Pizzas.

I'm sort of in a rut in not having the energy to develop any new ideas because I've run out of ideas, so I'm going back through my 4" thick cooking notebook trying to remember stuff I've done once or twice four or five years ago and re-cook the classics.

Over a period of about a year back about 2005 I "cooked my way" around the Mediterranean, beginning in Spain, skipping France and moving on to Italy, through Germany, Greece and Turkey...jumped down to India working on some curried stuff, then back up across Northern Africa ending up in Morocco.

Some of the spices involved in getting authentic flavors in those Cusines are hard to find without ordering off the Internet and things can get a little costly in the process.

I have so many spices I loose them in the different cabinets and sometimes spend part of two days taking everything out, swearing a given spice isn't there, and then having to come back around looking again.

Any way, today is another "valve build day" but tonight I'm returning to my Germany tab in my notebook and cooking up some Wurst, portions of Chicken Schnitzel, and Sauerkraut for dinner.

Stop by about 6:30 if you're in the area and I'll set a couple of extra plates.

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