Saturday, October 09, 2010

All Passengers, Lockers, And Sea Chests On Board Captain...

Aye...Cast Off The Bow And Stern Lines...Rudder To Starboard...

We're excited to be heading back home this morning to the Family Farm in lower Alabama again after a couple of months of business related delays beginning in August.

I hate not being able to get down there more often than every four to six months these days, but since moving nearly eight hours away to the Georgia Coast in 2003 and then here to Knoxtown in 2008,  we just can't seem to cover the distance more frequently for an infinite variety of reasons.

So any way, we have about ten thousand pounds of stuff stacked up on the carport and beside the kitchen door ready to be loaded later this morning and I hope to be able to lay my head down and catch a few hours sleep in the mean time but my mind has been racing trying to get everything together so if some business call comes I have the stuff to take care of providing answers without delay.

The Turbo Pup's lockers and Sea Chests are all packed up and she's ready to get out of the car on the other end of the journey and be able to swim in the pool and run around the 5 acre lake chasing whatever pops up in the grass in front of her during her mad rambling adventures.

Of course we have to keep a close eye on her because we have Bobcats and Coyotes and even some Black Bears and the Florida Panther to deal with and her little 11 pound frame isn't a match for those adversaries in spite of her spirit.

I have fishing poles and tackle to load in the car and a half dozen guns and some inventoried boxes of ammunition waiting for me on the other end of the journey and of course I'm dragging my camera and my old HP laptop computer so blogging will be whatever it will be for the next seven to ten days.

Feel free to entertain yourselves and stop back by to see what interesting stuff me and the Turbo Pup get into.

Regards Y'all...

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