Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Taking Names & Kicking Butt

Random Business Ramblings...

Since Incorporating PET last October and going into business I've found that one of the coolest things about our geographic location here at the West Knoxtown Turbopup Compound is the amazingly close proximity of vendors and services critical to the support of my efforts.

For instance, the guy who is the sales rep for half of the electronic components I use including my PLC's has an office and home within about five miles of my location, and three other vendors are only twenty minutes away if I don't want to wait on FedEX to deliver stuff.

And speaking of FedEX, they have a 24 hour copy/shipping center about 3/4's of a mile from my house and as of this afternoon I'll have been there every one of the past four business days...and by Friday, assuming things go as planned, it will be five out of six business days making shipments.

Like I said in an earlier posting here...THAT'S SOME PROGRESS.

In any business it's not the number of packages coming IN the door, it's the number of boxes full of foam peanuts and bubble wrapped stuff going OUT that determines the amount of money that comes in through the mail box each month...

...and things have been rather clogged up around here for the last half of August and most of September because I couldn't seem to get everyone on the same page on specifications and delivery.

You can't imagine how relieved I am to have broken that log jam this week.

Another interesting advantage we enjoy here in Knoxtown, because of our proximity to the FedEX hub in Memphis, is that we have the ability to ship to and from places like Kansas City, Kansas and Atlanta, Georgia paying FedEX ground rates and getting TWO DAY service in the process.  Overnight shipment rates are three or four times more expensive than ground.

Heck, stuff gets here from one of my Atlanta vendors overnight half the time if I place the order before noon.

So any way, I've got another long couple of days ahead of me finishing out this week before heading down to Alabama for ten days or so.

Thus blogging will be hit or miss, but then again if something STUPID happens here at home or in the rest of the world I reserve the right to chime in with some commentary.

Until then...Regards Y'all...

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