Sunday, October 03, 2010

I'm Ready To Fire Everybody And Leave Town

The Fruits Of Ineptitude...

I swear to God, Ladies and Gentlemen, but virtually EVERY SINGLE VENDOR I have working for me has either lost their minds else they have gotten together and signed a pact or pledge saying they were going to screw up my product delivery schedule by every possible method.

And I'm not aware that I have done anything close to a level  of deserving this kind of treatment mind you.

I pay their (my vendors/creditors) invoices on time, in full.

I generally allow for reasonable delivery schedules and I pay the asking price for the products without too much haggling.

So they must just want to go out of their way to torture me... they can watch me have shivering, angry fits causing my blood pressure to rise, veins to pop out of my neck and forehead, and what's left of the hair on my ever greying, ever balding head to fall down to the ground.


Twenty years ago there would be a half dozen people in cities as remote as Michigan and as close as Nashville that would have been cursed out on the telephone or possibly in person as a result of the stupidity and mistakes I've had to endure in the past couple of months.

But I've gotten mellow in my older age and elect to hold my tongue more often these days.

It's unbelievable to me that in an economic climate where so many people are out of work that the people that still have jobs can perform their functions in such a feckless and obtuse manner.

You know?

I'd like to put into place some sort of system where customers could hit a button and cause  the moron on the other end of the telephone to be ejected from their chair and out of the building and some other poor yet competent slob (or slobbette) would magically appear in their position...pajamas and house slippers and all.

That would make a great TV commercial...sort of like the Staples "Easy Button"...


Now where did I put my really BIG hammer...

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