Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Alive...But Still Not Well...

Just Say NO (To Illness)

I think I'm in the process of proving some sort of weird concept of Mind over Matter stuff that really matters.

At least half the battle is mental, and the other half seems to be somewhat physical.

I assert here that when and if you think you are coming down with something which is contagious and yet isn't deadly...

just lay down and play dead for a while.

Then, in my past and present experience, the crap will ease up and just pass you by and go on to infect someone who will play the game of actually getting sick and wallowing around in misery.

To wit...I laid around at my own leisure in my bed and on the sofa for much of the past 24 hours, only exiting to check e-mail and fool around when I wanted to on the Internet, and after about 12 hours of rest I'm sort of feeling better and am able to fool around in the shop getting some work done and do some laundry and fiddle around with some other stuff I needed to to.

Of course it helps that it's been raining for the past day, keeping me from climbing up on the roof or wandering around in the yard, and the current forecast is for more rain until sometime Wednesday.

So if anyone needs me and I'm not sneaking around in front of the computer while this malady isn't looking trying to get a hold on my lungs and immune system,  just give me a call and if I'm awake (and coherant) I'll answer the phone.

I credit my apparent rapid recovery/limited affliction to the use of one the newer over the counter pharmaceutical products...

Something called "Zicam."

We stopped at the CVS pharmacy on the way to Staples yesterday afternoon and bought some more of their spray product.

That stuff works...in my considered Redneck opinion.

You should give it a try if you haven't given it an opportunity to save you from stuff like I find drifting around waiting for an opening to my head and chest every winter.

That said...Later Y'all...

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