Friday, November 19, 2010


TSA Efforts Useless...

Regular readers of this blog know that I'm a avid listener of daytime talk radio.

I start my mornings listening to Neal Boortz on Atlanta's WSB AM 750 radio website, and then in the afternoon I either listen to Rush Linbaugh on Knoxville's Newstalk 98.7 radio  or stream it live on their website.

So any way...yesterday Neal brought up something which I think is very relevant when thinking and talking about the current bru-ha-ha about the new enhanced TSA "security" screenings at our nation's airports.

Let me ask you the same question Neal asked.


Name a single instance where, since it's inception in post 9/11/2001, that the TSA and their merry band of panhandling manhandling security screeners has actually caught anyone in the act of trying to board an airplane with anything resembling a real threat to the aircraft?

Yes, they've caused a bunch of people to dump bottles of water and packages of breast milk and containers of shampoo and perfume larger than 4 ounces, and no one can legally have a cigarette lighter on board a Boeing 737 any more, but as to stopping a real terrorist threat...

...has anyone seen a headline announcing the thwarting of a plot where wild eyed Muslims were collared by some former fast food restaurant employee wearing a TSA uniform?

Wait...let me Google this subject for a moment... at the top results from 220,000 results returned from my search on Google...

All of that, but not ONE SINGLE NEWS STORY about someone working in a TSA checkpoint actually doing anything but annoying business travelers and pawing on Nuns and Grandmothers and three year old Toddlers.

This is all INSANITY, ladies and gentlemen.

Stupid, retarded, inbred, GOVERNMENT insanity, designed by the government to make "the traveling public"--people that get on an airplane once every one or two years--feel safe.

All at the expense of people like me that have to use our air transportation system as a tool to make a living, and in the process subject innocent AMERICANS to processes and behavior which could be and is considered criminal if I tried to force it on another citizen myself.

Forget about the "Bush Tax Cuts" expiring and Chucky Rangle's Tax returns, I say that the misbehavior and feckless, obtuse management policies of the TSA system and it's employees has to be addressed in a significant, meaningful manner between now and the end of 2010 else we all just as well get ready to act like we live in Germany in 1944.

I'm sorry, but I have to admit that if I am subjected to some of the crap I see on the blogs and on TV these days at an airport screening area...or if someone touches my girlfriend Pat in the manner I'm being led to believe is acceptable under the current policies...

you're going to have to take up a collection to acquire funding to bail me out of jail because I'm going to place a knee in the groin of a TSA employee...

call it a "knee jerk" reaction I guess. 

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