Sunday, November 14, 2010

Back Home In Knoxtown

Suffering From Hotlanta Traffic Trauma

After 5 nights spent in the "Atlanta Metropolitan Area" I have to say this...

"Good God but we're glad to be home to the Turbo Pup Compound here on the banks of the Mighty Tennessee River.

Not that I didn't some Forensic Injuneering done and we had a good time with Pat's family, but still...

After living in downtown and northwest Atlanta for 27 years and being absent full time since 2003, the seven years in between being a resident and happy non-resident have taken their toll in further exasperating my patience with the traffic and crowding and general hub-bub that goes on there day and night.

I'm not sure I'd move back there if someone offered me a job paying six figures, because what good would the money be if I have a heart attack every day like some sort of mutant caucasion version of Fred Sanford?

"It's the BIG one 'Lizabeth..." 

So any way, we did business and ate real good and visited, and I even got to go to an Atlanta Thrashers/Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game for free and caught a Thrashers T-shirt that they were shooting out of air cannons into the crowd.

But then negotiating the swarm of people exiting the stadium and sitting in the parking deck waiting for the traffic to start moving at a snails pace took a chunk out of my soul and spirit.

I just can't handle the crowds and traffic congestion any more at my ever greying, ever balding age.

So we blasted through downtown Atlanta in the middle of the day today and cruised into the driveway and unloaded the car and sorted the mail and now it's time to go have a couple of stiff drinks and some dinner.

I promise to get back into the Blogging mode this week because I have a bunch of crap on my mind, and until then...

Regards Y'all...

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