Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Bunch Of Nekkid Women Are Following Me On Twitter

Where Were They All When I Could Have Used Them?

Being a seasoned Blogger now for over SIX years, some people might notice that I take a little different approach to things here on the computer than some of my friends and peers.

Take this new stuff like Facebook and Twitter, for instance.


Blogging lite in my opinion. 

You log on...

then blab a little about whatever it is that's going on in your life or bothering you, then you log off.


Same thing...

except you have to limit your thoughts and opinions to 140 characters.

Thus I spend little time on Facebook and even less time on Twitter because generally what I have to say takes more bandwidth and words to spout forth than either of those platforms allows and supports.

So any way, for some reason the ladies over at Twitter...mostly women without clothing...have decided to send me messages recently indicating their desire to "follow" me on Twitter and in the process sending me pictures of their breasts and other body parts for my perusal and enjoyment.

Thing is...

I refuse to peruse said fotos because I'm fairly certain I've seen similar structures made of flesh and uncovered or covered with hair in the past many times, and the websites attached thereto will probably give my computer some virus or worm or other digital infestation or malady causing the shaking shuddering heebie jeebies and I'll spend three days and nights fighting to regain control of the situation.

Thus to all of the young women out there...many if not most old enough to be my daughter or even my grand-daughter...

keep your private parts covered and stop following me offering pictures of same because I'm too old to care anymore.

Twenty or thirty years ago it would be a different story, but still...we haven't been properly introduced...

O Tay?

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