Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lunar Eclipse Coming Up

More Nerdy Stuff You Might Like To Know

My regular readers and occasional "stoppers by" might have noticed my link here on my blog to a Website called

They do a great job of keeping me up with things like meteor showers and space station/space shuttle flyovers and they will send you e-mails letting you know when interesting things are happening up overhead in the sky if you are interested in that kind of thing.

So any way, a cool thing which is coming up is a total Lunar Eclipse which will occur on December 21st.

What is really interesting besides the moon passing though the shadow of the Earth causing the eclipse is that the event will occur on the solstice for the first time since the year 1638.

It will be in full form a little after midnight here in the eastern time zone and if the sky is clear enough I plan on being outside with a coat and the camera mounted on a tripod to record the event.

If you miss it you'll have to wait until 2094 to see it again on the solstice.

Just all my nerd Buddy's out there...

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