Friday, January 14, 2011

Footprints Are The Best Thing About A Good Snowfall

Helps You Know Who (Or What) Has Come A Callin'...

I just took a tour of my property boundary at 5 AM this morning in the dark. 

Outside in the cold, frosty, silence, I remembered that I'm still a country boy at heart.

I think that I've written that phrase/information/declaration several times if not several hundred times here on this blog, but I somehow felt like reiterating it again this morning because of the experience I've just had looking at the world through the prism of winter weather.

Thinking back now, my lament is partially due to in retrospect to some poor decisions I made earlier in life resulting in my relegation to living 27 at first glorious and in the end hellish years in Atlanta and the "Atlanta Suburbs" while attending college and the following miss-directed years of professional "aspiration's" which yielded a bunch of money for companies and business partners and a couple of ex-wives...but only a little for me when the balance sheet was closed. 

Efforts which only proceeded to allow various "parties" and "individuals" to take said money and let my aforementioned wives and/or my aforementioned business partners and/or their lawyers and/or their accountants and/or their  "fiduciaries" to go do something else and/or someone else other than me with it all when the dust settled.

I guess that you could say that I have a PHD in how NOT to do things when it was all said and done.

What was amazing was that I somehow put  up with the process for that interminably long period before I managed to get my butt out of that town i.e. "regional metropolitan area" and not be jailed for life for being convicted of committing a capitol crime of passion or otherwise.

Of course my defense would be INSANITY then just like it is today.

You Know?

...BIGgggggg breath here Boss...

That said, I was wandering around out in my yard a couple of times the past week since the snow started falling and it is interesting to see all of the activity that happens out there night and day which I may or may not see just sitting around picking my nose and Googling around the computer screen each day,

Take the footprints you can see in the snow for instance.

I'm an expert animal and human tracker when there is snow on the ground just like the "injuns" and other guys that were paid to such stuff in the old John Wayne and Clint Eastwood movies.

I see my own foot prints from yesterday and get all excited before I remember that I was out that way already...Barney Fife style police work...
OK, actually I'd rather damn be looking at "footprints in the sand" on a beach somewhere, but still it works the same way here in the deep freezer we call Knoxtown.

But now back to the subject regarding "SNOW footprints"...

Just tonight on my evening tour I could see the footprints of  our local Crow (Raven) population all over the place in my yard, and that the "Rascally Wrabbit" or "Wrabbits" (in the words of Elmer Fudd) are jumping all around the place for some reason...I guess looking for whatever it is that Wrabbits look for to eat, and then there is the neighbor's Tomcat which makes his rounds early every morning just making sure everything is in order.

If you've ever owned a good Tom Cat you know what I mean...if you bring something into the room or move it around the Cat will come in and do what I call "inventory" and identify the change within about ten seconds and then sit there and point at the offending artifact while continuing to inspect it extensively.

Our yard sort of works the same way for our Neighbor's Tom Cat.

And apparently there is a Possum or an Opossum wandering around and a Raccoon and the obligatory squirrels and so on...

So any conclusion this morning... snowed another half inch or so yesterday morning, we still as a result pretty much have a couple of three inches on the ground all around, and I still have to wear a shirt and socks even INSIDE MY HOUSE here Dammit.

And Y'all have a LOVELY Day ... If you will...

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