Sunday, January 09, 2011

Insanity Continues To Wreck Havoc

Idiots On The left Already Blaming The Right...

As you know if you read this blog, I've been around more than a little while here on this planet and in the past half century I've gone from pure Conservative to Libertarian in my adult life.

Before that transformation, back before I could actually vote in an election, I have to admit that I was a George Wallace Democrat because A) I was born and raised and lived in southern Alabama, and B) I was born and raised and lived in southern Alabama and didn't know anything else to do when it came to politics.

I suspect that people living in South Carolina voting for Strom Thurman and in Georgia electing Lester Maddox were in the same position even if they were a few years or even a generation older than me at the time.

That said, it pisses me off when people, unfortunately usually young white men, take things into their own hands and bypass the electoral process and go out and SHOOT DULY ELECTED OFFICIALS when they don't agree with them and their politics.

Happened to George Wallace during his presidential campaign in 1972, happened to Gerrald Ford and Ron Reagan and Kennedy and Lincoln and God knows how many other now forgotten local and state politicians, but in my opinion this mess which happened out in Arizona yesterday is going to do NOTHING if not make it harder for the people to talk to their governing officials and put a bunch of additional pressure on gun owners because the anti-gun idiots will use the event as a talking point.

My heart goes out to the wounded and the dead from yesterday's "man made disaster" but the media coverage and the political BS coming out of it pisses me off and there is nothing I can do but sit on the sidelines quietly and watch.

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