Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Winter Experiences

Shoveling Snow For The Turbo Pup...

I spent part of yesterday afternoon and Earllllllyyyy this morning doing something I've never really had to do as a home owner.

Using my snow shovel.

You know...the one I bought going on four years ago now when we first moved up here to Knoxtown from our little Island.

I didn't really need it so far until this last storm hit, but just like the generator we bought when we moved to the Georgia coast in anticipation of a Hurricane induced power outage and that's as of right now still sitting comfortably in the basement shrink wrapped in it's original packaging, or the Kerosene Heater we bought in anticipation of a winter Ice storm induced situation...

until yesterday my new Snow Shovel has happily resided unused in the carport along with some other sometimes used but often neglected yard tools.

So any way, I strapped on my winter boots and ski bibs and put on a hat and my parka and wandered outside to see what was going on.  Then I got all energetic and shoveled the drifted snow out of the carport, and then one thing lead to another and I worked my way around to the front of the house and up the sidewalk to the front porch.

Then I stopped.

At dinner last night after I had cooked pizza and everyone was settling in to watch Auburn beat Oregon at the last second to win the national championship in the BCS Bowl, Pat mentioned that it would be nice to shovel a little path for Missy the Turbo Pup out from her doggie door across the deck and expose a little grassy area in the yard for her to do her business in.


Having not had to live with much frozen precipitation in the past ten years, and only owning a little mini long haired dachshund for a little over four of those years (remember I was a Cat man in another life)...it just didn't occur to me to clean off an area for my Turbo Puppy.

After all...She's so versatile having been raised pool side and at the beach and...

having taken to snow while visiting her Cousin Dachshunds Olive and Otis in Kansas City I just wasn't thinking.

She's been coming back in the doggie door covered in clumps of snow from the nose and ears down with this recent storm, so this morning her Dad did like most good Dad's do and remedied the situation while I was outside putting the trash out on the curb and picking up the mail that showed up at near dark yesterday.

Oh the things men will do for little girls...human and canine...when they love them...

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