Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Stand Corrected

I Miss-Spoke Regarding Glock Magazine Capacity...

Other than having strong opinions, I'm nothing if not as technically accurate here on this blog as possible, thus the reason for this posting this morning.

I have to admit that I was ignorant in not knowing in my earlier posting that Glock makes a factory 33 round clip for their model 17, 18, and 19 series 9 MM caliber weapons. 

It looks pretty stupid because it hangs out a long way out of the bottom of the pistol's grip. The clip is intended for military and law enforcement purposes but is also available to the general public in the states which don't limit the clip capacity to 10 rounds.

Thus I stand corrected.

As an excuse I offer that I have never owned one or even seen one in person on the gun ranges I've visited, and with the cost of ammunition what it is with all of the new federal taxes I don't see why anyone would want to load up nearly $20 worth of ammunition at one time when your hands hurts after firing ten rounds and you need a rest.

I guess if you are a mass murderer it's an advantage, but I wrote before...

a RESPONSIBLE well trained gun owner will kill a burglar or other life threatening assailant with one bullet and the extra 32 rounds are just there for back up or unless there a small mob breaking into their house.

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