Tuesday, January 04, 2011

If You Think This Can't Happen Here In the USA You're A Dumbass

And If You Are A Dumbass You Probably Will Vote YES When The Time comes...

European Nations Begin Seizing Private Pensions

People’s retirement savings are a convenient source of revenue for governments that don’t want to reduce spending or make privatizations. As most pension schemes in Europe are organised by the state, European ministers of finance have a facilitated access to the savings accumulated there, and it is only logical that they try to get a hold of this money for their own ends. In recent weeks I have noted five such attempts: Three situations concern private personal savings; two others refer to national funds.

The most striking example is Hungary, where last month the government made the citizens an offer they could not refuse. They could either remit their individual retirement savings to the state, or lose the right to the basic state pension (but still have an obligation to pay contributions for it). In this extortionate way, the government wants to gain control over $14bn of individual retirement savings.

The Bulgarian government has come up with a similar idea. $300m of private early retirement savings was supposed to be transferred to the state pension scheme. The government gave way after trade unions protested and finally only about 20% of the original plans were implemented.

In my opinion we're just a single generation away from the hoards of government edumicated idiots coming and striking at the walls of my home demanding whatever the imperial Federal Government of the By-God United States of 'merica hasn't managed to legislate out of my possession...

..if we don't act in this next one or two sessions of Congress...

Just like the recent riots in Greece and France show "government workers" and so-called "students" taking to the streets demanding retirement in middle age and "free college education."

This from people having spent half a lifetime sitting on their stupid asses with government promises of prosperity at the financial expense of the "rich" and "achievers" in their society, and others demanding an addition four to six years of "free" government supplied education after dropping out or wasting the resources spent getting them through the first twelve years of edificaton.

In Tennessee and Georgia and Alabama the High School drop out rate is somewhere between 50% and 60%, yet the "students" want more.

I say that there is a good chance that our Republic (not Democracy remember) will untimately fall due to "Wealth Envy"... plain and simple...

and that illness of human origin but promoted by governments and politicians through the ages is an evil, base, deadly sin just like murder and adultery in my book. 

Remember the Bible says:

"Thou shalt not covet thy neighobor's house or ass or wife (or Wife's Ass or Lexus or Power tools or 42' Sea Ray Cabin Cruiser)..."

It's just that simple...Dammit...

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