Saturday, January 08, 2011

A Good Saturday I Think

Life Is What You Make Of It I Know...

I've been sort of stuck in a mental funk recently in spite of the happy stuff I've been writing here on the blog.  Attribute the situation to my multi-personality syndrome or whatever, but half of me has been elated and the other half has been going crazy worrying about stuff. 

Now at the end of this week a few things resolved themselves in a positive manner and I think that maybe I  can move forward.

I just checked outside and we're getting a nice little fluffy snow storm with about an inch or so on the ground so far this morning, and down here in the shop after stopping to take a nap and reset my synapses I just had a major breakthrough with a programming problem I've been having with a new type of PLC controller I'm working with.

I don't understand why so many nerds are such bad writers--particularly technical writing--technical things being what we do and all...but they are.  I just spent part of last week trying to understand something which was stupidly silly and easy but was not even in the "official" documentation and only casually mentioned in some other material I had received from a class I took a couple of years ago.

I'm not going to let that omission upset me and ruin my good mood yelling about wanting to wring some techno-idiot's neck...

...I'm just going to remain cool and calm and happy and have a good Saturday and get up and cook Pat and the Turbo Pup some eggs and keep on keeping on on an even keel.

Y'all have a LOVELY weekend, if you will...and stay warm...

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