Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I've Been Busy Ringing In The New Year

And Putting The Old Year In A File Cabinet Or The Trash Can...

I suppose that you've noticed that I've been pretty much invisible here on the Internet on and off for the past few weeks.

Don't worry, there's nothing wrong really (unlike a couple of previous near month long absences while I was preoccupied laying in a hospital bed with a half dozen tubes stuck into my body) other than, in addition to celebrating two holidays in 10 days,  I've just had to spend most of my time focused on closing out some old business files and getting new proposals put together.

I also installed a new Blue Ray Surround Sound home theater system which has resulted in a total loss of hearing a couple of times while watching reruns of Lord of the Rings and some other stuff I've missed in surround sound at home in the past.

eeEEEhhhHHHH...what did you say???

Then of course there is the arduous task of finishing the tax year and getting ready for moving forward into the year 2011.

In anticipation of possibly QUADRUPLING our business this year I went out and purchased a program called "Quickbooks" and spent most of a couple of days keying in everything I did last year in order to support tax returns and to get the accounting system up and running for the new year.

Let's just say this...


I also bought a giant new bookcase for my office and spent a bunch of time putting things into three ring binders, boxing stuff up in cardboard storage boxes, and stuffing things into empty spaces in the three file cabinets I look at every day.

I probably threw away 100 pounds of magazines and old mail and just miscellaneous paper crap which was laying in various piles in the floor or on my desktop threatening to fall over and suffocate me into a slow death.

 So any way, things have settled down a good deal now and there's a good possibility that with our US Congress coming back into session this week I'll have no other recourse but to start launching my opinions back out here onto the Internet here on this blog.

Until then...regards Y'all...

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