Monday, February 14, 2011

I Almost Forgot Valentine's Day?

NO, Not Really....

I forgot to mention earlier here on the blog this weekend's local Valentine's Day festivities.

I generally elect to miss the actual event in public by celebrating early every year. 

It somehow has historically managed to piss me off when I try to go out on the actual day--Valentine's Day--only to be assaulted by the miss-behavior of the crowds of men which ignore their wives and girlfriends for the entire year and then try to make up for their malfeasance on a single day on the calendar handing out "stuffed bears" and "hoodie footie" outfits and of course the obligatory giagantically over-priced vase of dead or dieing flowers.

I do things a little differently here myself.

Flowers--a dozen roses--showed here up on Friday...bought and paid for weeks ago at a discount without paying more for shipping than the actual cost of the roses. if you are interested...

Then an excellent dinner was had at Copper Cellar  last night, following my command performance Saturday night in my kitchen cooking German Rouladen Beef and Spaetzle and Sour Kraut for dinner.

Did I mention the brunch I cooked for Pat and the Turbo Pup on Sunday morning featuring scrambled eggs and home made hash brown fries with country sausage?

And now this morning I'm making a couple dozen chocolate truffles from raw Ghirardelli Chocolate bars and packaged for distribution here at home and around town over the next couple of days.

At least all of you men out there should say hey to the one you love on Valentine's day...or preferably don't wait until then and show them by your actions how much you care each and every day instead of waiting until February 14th.

That said, I guess that that will be all...for now...

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