Thursday, February 17, 2011

If You Have A Little Red Dot On Your Forehead

It Might Be From My Laser Gunsight...

Gosh Darn it all...ladies and gentlemen...

I've spent an hour on the phone this morning with "Customer No-Service" with FTD over a flower order to be delivered later this month using a "Groupon."

And just now with Capitol One over a misplaced Credit Card...

I think I was talking to some man named "Peggy" located in India.

They gave me a useless unintelligible answer on the FTD order and I finally managed to figure out how to use the discount code on line on my own, and just now Capitol One held me on the phone for ten minutes and then dropped the call while transferring me between "account service specialists."

All I can say is they are lucky I'm too old and tired to try to find them and come over and kick their stupid incompetent asses right now.

Give me a few minutes and a few more attempts at getting this stuff straightened out and I might work up a good head of steam and make the 11 PM news feed in your town.

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