Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm Running Around...

...Like A Chicken With My Head Cut Off

Right now I'm so dang busy that I don't know whether to stand up or sit down or run out into the yard and tear my clothes off.

OK...maybe I'll keep my clothes on based on OSHA jobsite protection issues, but still...

I currently have more things to do on my plate IMMEDIATELY than I've had in probably 12 or 15 years, and in the process I have more projects started here at home than I can possibly do at one time.

Add to the backlog that the current weather forecast for relatively dry conditions with temperatures in the mid 60's for most of the next week places pressure on me to attempt to finish all of the yard chores which were left unfinished when it first turned frigid and started snowing in late November/early December and which has continued on and off through most of January.

Ignoring my injuneering business endeavors for a moment, I still have no less than a half dozen different things going on inside and outside the house in the "home improvement" category of my life.

Yesterday I pulled over 100 feet of 12/2 romex with ground conductor through some 1-1/2" plastic conduit from the breaker panel out in the carport, through a new hole I cut in the wall into the basement shop, and extended one run across the basement ceiling through the floor joists into the new "Wee Pub" A.K.A. "The Turbopup Bar And Grill" which has been under construction for the past couple of weeks now downstairs.

These two new 20 Amp 115 VAC electrical service feeds will substantially upgrade and update the existing early 1960's vintage ungrounded electrical service currently providing juice to most of the basement outlets and lights, and hopefully in the process keep me from losing another house to an electrical fire like I did on April 5th, 2001 in the northern Atlanta suburbs..

And speaking of burning,  yesterday I also tried to take advantage of my new Knox County Government issued "Burn permit" to start getting rid of the school bus sized heap of limbs and other combustible stuff I have piled in the corner of the back yard.  I started a little test fire after lunch time but let it burn out quickly because the wind was gusting on and off a little too hard to make me comfortable keeping things under control.

Hopefully the yard burn project is back on the program for today and or Tuesday if the wind will die down a little because I don't want to look at this giant pile of stuff for the next six months.  I also don't like standing in front of a fire when the ambient temperature is 100 deg F so it behooves me to get this stuff out of my way ASAP.

Meanwhile, regarding national and international news, I'm freaking speechless at the fecklessness of our CIA and other national security organizations' failure to understand what the %$#* is going on in Northern Africa and the Middle East, and even further appalled by the wild eyed variations of rhetoric delivered by President Obamamrama, VP Biden, and the so called Secretary of State sHrillary "Smile when you say that" Clinton.

When you see the chaos and lack of understanding demonstrated over the past two years on domestic policy issues relating to taxes and our business/jobs climate, then combine it with the recent idiotic response to defending our borders and responding to international situations which affect our security here at home and that of our proven allies abroad--Israel specifically--anyone that doesn't get at least a little worked up needs to be euthanized or at least sedated for their own protection in my considered Redneck opinion.

I guess in reality right now I'm so busy I can somehow actually justify not even watching the news for my normal six or eight hours a day because it just pisses me off and distracts me from getting things I need to do done on time.

It's a screwed up world out there Ladies and Gentlemen, and you are either part of the problems (or a result of the problems)...or PART OF THE SOLUTION.

I prefer to be part of the latter rather than the former, and right now working my ASS OFF is the only way I see to move the part of the world I can control forward in 2011.

Why don't YOU get busy defining what you can do and where you need to do it and stop waiting for the government to come to your rescue?

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