Saturday, February 19, 2011

My First Patent Application

"It's A Bouncing Baby Boy 'Thing-A-Majig' Mr. Rogers..."

I'm pleased to report that the past seven days has been a banner week here at the International Headquarters of Plastics Engineering Technologies A.K.A. The Turbo Pup Compound on the banks of the Mighty Tennessee River.

I've been a little mentally uneasy and distracted all week as I've had to fight off a malady which was trying to develop into a full blown cold or case of the Flu, but I managed to somehow wander through the process anyway and get the minimum paper work done and pushed out the door or on to the Internet.

Thus this weekend I guess I can with good conscience turn my attention back to my basement construction projects and possibly burning a giant pile of vegetative crap out in the back yard weather permitting.

Meanwhile, during dinner last night I received an E-mail from the lawyer's office with the first draft of the Patent Application I've been working on as the engineer of record for the past twelve weeks. With any luck we'll finish the paper work process this week and officially be "Patent Pending" so we can move the project into the Prototype Phase of product development.

I've never expected to become very rich working as an injuneer, but I have made a good living on and off from time to time in the process and the one thing I do pride myself in is that the work I do actually gets built...I design things which can be made and used by their owners in return for them paying for drawings and calculations.

Anybody in the engineering business knows how many people there are out there that do work which is impossible to build or fails miserably when produced.

Not ME, no WAY, no HOW...I will not be associated with crap quality work.

And the fact that our patent application will get submitted shortly and that the product will move forward toward being available on the consumer market is worth more than the value of any check I have cashed in the past or in the future.

I guess that I pursue injuneering more as an art than an a avocation or profession.

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