Monday, February 21, 2011

Learing A New Kind Of Gibberish Programming Language

@ If Read &AI0100 = Null Then Commit Suicide Get Out User Guide...

Gosh Darn it all Ladies and Gentlemen...

I just can't seem to make things easy on myself these days.

It seems that each and every single time...without fail...that I manage to conquer some new mountain of a task involving using an old brain full of dead or dying synapses to semi-fluently understand some new system and the language needed to make it work...

along comes another opportunity to wallow and waste infinite time pulling the remaining hair out of my every greying, ever balding head trying to understand some other silly set of sensors made by someone generally in places like Germany or Poland or Italy.

One might wonder why they don't make crap like I need on these projects in the United By-God States of 'Merica so the documentation and programming manuals could be originally written in ENGLISH rather than translated from some other language into my native language by someone that took English in the eighth grade and maybe a couple of semesters in Collage.

You Know?

As things stand right now I've got about eight hours spent over the past week trying to get a HART modem connection to an Ultrasonic Tank level sensor to work so I can see the signal between it and one of my Touch Screen PLC/s on my Shop Computer.

I had a major break though this morning when I actually managed to get the green "power" light on the Modem to turn on and the Computer found the Sensor, but right now the Sensor can't seem to find a puddle of water 10 inches deep located a half foot below it in a five gallon Home Depot paint bucket.

And I'm trying to measure the waste water level in four tanks that are nearly 50 feet long and over 10' diameter, outside, in the hot sunshine during a South Carolina summer.

At this rate I'll be sitting on top of the tanks with a giant dipstick baking my brains out while the customer bitches at me this spring if I actually manage to sell this system in the next couple of weeks.

So any way, I guess I better stop blogging and get back to work while the process is fresh in my mind, and in the mean time Y'all have  LOVELY  Monday.

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