Saturday, February 26, 2011

We're Goin' Fifteen Hundred Miles In Ten Days

Spendin' A Little Time Back In Paradise...

I'm sorry, but I can't help but be all keyed up this morning, Ladies and Gentlemen, as I push all of the luggage and tools and other stuff needed for this upcoming trip toward the carport door.

And in spite of the news...WE don't care how much gasoline costs, because no matter what it's worth the expense based on what we're going to get to do in the next week and one quarter.

You see, FIRST we're going to Louisiana with my Banjo on my knee heading south this morning toward LA--Lower Alabama--to visit with family and fool around on the farm for a couple of days.

Little Missy The Turbo Pup will probably be posting some new YouTUBE video's of her fishing exhibitions shortly if the weather hold up..

Then mid week we're heading east and driving across the Florida Panhandle to visit my Dad's brother--my Uncle Darrell--and his crowd over near Lakeland, FL.

And then later in the week we're heading Finally, FUNdamentally, BLISSFULLY, back across Florida and the southeastern corner of Southern Georgia to the Atlanta Ocean and over to our little home Island of St. Simons to cook in the Glynn County Rotary Club's "Red Hot Chili Cook off" a week from today.

 Fifteen Gallons of Chili.

More than TWO Thousand People wandering around with cups and spoons.

Wish US luck...If you will...

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