Saturday, March 12, 2011

One Hundred Thousand Hits

Minor Milestones In Blogging Mediocrity

I just noticed from looking at the Sitemeter this morning that I'll be crossing over the 100,000 hits point here on this blog sometime later today.

All of that since tossing up my first posting way back on August 10th, 2004 from a hotel room in Chicago.

That said, saavy readers know that there are people out there writing stuff here on the Internet that get that many hits in a single day, so my contribution hardly warrants mention outside my little circle of friends and readers...but still...

Heck...People like Matt Drudge get MILLIONS of hits in 24 hours...

But little ole ME?

I never expected to go anywhere or be anything SIX AND ONE HALF YEARS LATER...But...

To my Regular (and also my "Irregular") Readers...I offer a hearty "thanks" for stopping by occasionally.

And thanks for considering some of the serious stuff I tend to hide in the middle of my personal ramblings on a daily and/or weekly basis.

It's been an interesting experience publishing an open commentary dialogue for public consumption on the Internet, and I look forward to maturing and continuing to write commentary which might be of some value to someone other than myself in the future.

That said...Regards Y''all...

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