Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Only Thing Harder Than Living For Over 50 Years...

Is Watching The People You've Known For Nearly 50 Years Die 

Sorry for the silence here on the Blog Ladies and Gentlemen, but as my regular readers know I've been quite busy of late.

That, and also because I received the sad news on Tuesday from one of my cousins that my Mother's oldest dear Uncle John--the WWII bomber tail gunner veteran...had a massive stroke during the night sometime between Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday.

In my opinion this great old heck raising guy lived two lifetimes by today's standards, building boats and houses and fishing and farming and shooting German Fighters out of the sky, and today he's laying in a coma in a hospital bed waiting to die.

Part of me is going with him, and I appreciate your tolerance of my silence in the mean time.


Roy said...

So sorry, Virgil. Let me know if anything we can do.
Roy P.

HEATHER said...

God Bless Virgil. When you are able if you could post a photo of your Uncle, perhaps from his service days-would be such a lovely tribute.
Will keep your family in my prayers.