Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Firing My Bank?

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow...

Right now I've had it up to HERE...Ladies and Gentlemen (pointing to the top of my ever Greying, ever balding head)  with my Bank.

OK...actually my "Credit Union" to be more specific, but still...

What a bunch of ignorant, mealy mouthed, cross eyed buffoons they have over there working in the so-called "managment" positions at the University of Tennessee Federal Credit Union.

Seriously, I don't use the bully pullpit of this blog and the Internet randomly to take undeserving shots at people and things which I don't provide ample notice and time to correct any mistakes or problems I have with a person or group or organization, but THIS MORNING...

THIS MORNING I've pretty much had it with UTFCU and the inept people in charge over there at my local branch.

The silly bitch that sits in the chair with the lable of "branch manager" on the office door acts like she could care less if I ever did anything but have Pat's salary direct deposited along with the proceeds from my business coming in the door however I manage to get there, and then she will happily hand me a big old shovel full of "shut the f**k up" flavored cereal along with a puppy treat for the Turbo pup and consider our "banking relationship" complete.

What really pisses me off is a couple of things...the least of which is that I've wasted four years building a non-relationship when I really need a good working relationshp with a banker.

I drove into this town about four years ago with a five figure casheer's check wanting to set up a bank account to support buying the house we currently live in.

By default I picked UTFCU because they had a branch down the road between my new house and the building my new employeer's offices were in.

Pretty simple.

Since then we've never bounced a check with them except one time when some stupid rules about debit card holds at hotels caused them to want to charge us a bunch of "fees" and we had to come in and make them give us most of our money back.

Then when I started my corporation a couple of years ago it was a no brainer to just wander in and open a business account with UTFCU.

That event was the beginning of the end of my relationship with the aforementioned silly bitch running the branch, because in matter what the "branch manager" says, the UTFCU is not really in the business of business banking.

That day I handed her a check that day for a little over $5,000.

She proceeded to sit on and hold the funds from the aforementioned check for TWO WEEKS after promising me that she would release the funds as soon as the check cleared the issuing bank.

Then the aforementioned silly bitch--the "branch manager"-- proceeded to act like I was crazy and that she had never heard of the idea of releasing funds when a check clears rather than making everyone wait on the bank's "hold policy."

So now without boring you to death with other minutia and details let's just say that it's been one thing after another that I've put up with...little things like screwed up signature cards, and never ending oddesys to try to get into online banking, and not to brag here but after putting several hundred thousand dollars through their doors and into their coffers to have and to hold at my expense...

I'm DONE with my "relationship" with UTFCU this morning...

The problem I have now is not making the same mistake again.

How do I carefully consider and choose a bank, credit union, or other "financial institution" in order to not waste time and get the best service for my $$$?

I was hoping to apply for a credit line for the company this year to support our growth and cash flow needs.

I guess all of that is out the window, but UTFCU's financial health sucks as I've learned doing some research because they made a bunch of bad loans on houses and commercial real estate before the bubble burst so the odds of them opening a credit line for my little Sub S Corporation is nill...thus me making the executive decision this morning to move on to another "financial institution."

I swear I'd just like to go through an entire week without some kind of stupid bullshit rearing it's ugly head and confronting me with trouble and problems I have to address.

Or maybe if God would just have made me STUPID so I could just sit around grinning and not worry about the stuff I worry about most of the time...would that be the answer?

Probably NOT...and on that note...that will be all...FOR NOW...


Ed Drew said...

I'm not recommending them, but I now bank with Chase, they are certainly big enough to give you any size line of credit you need. What I really like about them tho is the on-line banking service/info sytem. Every thing I do with them is with my Iphone. I even deposit hand written checks w/ iphone (take a picture of both sides and send to them) it is instantly deposited. Check clearance time seems to be about 2 days on those checks. If I recommended it and you chose them, they would probably do something to screw things up, so I don't do recommendations. Good Luck.

HEATHER said...

It must be the week for it! I tried to log on to my mother's & my joint acct, so I could pay some bills and it's been deleted(the online portion only). I raised he%& but got nowhere! I calmly reminded them that that particular bank account had been at their bank for 30 years since they took over our old bank, but that we would be looking for a new bank once my mother was out of the hospital. So annoying.