Friday, April 29, 2011

At The "Royal" Wedding--Would They Call Me "The Duke of Fillibuster"?

Somebody Just Kill Me For Not Giving A Flying %$#@?

I've just spent an hour in my basement vacuuming about five gallons of water out of the carpet in little Missy the Turbo Pup's Mom's office.

Then I finally managed to get into the shop and get the computer workstation back in order and in the process I turned on my shop TV for a background distraction and within five minutes FOX News had lulled me into a catatonic stupor.

Sort of like being forced to watch the all day build up on ESPN of the coverage of the Super Bowl.

Can't they just show the event and get it over with for God's sake?


For some silly reason I don't give any more of a crap about a wedding in England than I care about the latest exploits of Brittany Spears or any other stupid freaking celebrity bimbo here on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Let's admit it...our country is going to hell in a hand basket financially...

We have wild eyed, towel headed Islamic Jihadist Terrorists wanting to kill us...

...and yet it seems that the entire planet is all caught up in a stupid wedding ceremony that at best will last an insufferable lifetime and will probably not change England's plight in leading Europe down the toilet of "Communism/Socialism Lite."

With England and France and the rest of Europe kow-towing and kissing Arab Islamic Butts at every opportunity, I wouldn't be surprised if some stupid "shoe bomber" or "underwear bomber" trying to use today's event as a way to make another "statement" about the conflict between the western civilizations and the middle eastern islamo-fascistic-idiots.

(I admit that it's not easy being a professional mean old angry curmudgeonly asshole...but somebody has to do it and I find myself particularly adept at it this morning...)

...and you're welcome...

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