Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lawn Tiller Induced Coma

...A Machine Kicks My Ass...

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, I went to bed before dark yesterday and just got back up in the last hour.

You see, yesterday afternoon, in a fit of homeowner induced insanity,  I went out and rented a lawn tiller.

I've committed this same crime before, so I knew what I as getting myself into.

But I did it again anyway.

This time I rented for 24 hours, although as usual...

After about the first 15 minutes I was ready to take the darned thing back to Home Depot.

So any way, I managed to get one of the tomato plots tilled up pretty good, and the squash/zucchini bed area is in pretty good shape, and then I wandered over to the other tomato bed and found the ground there to be as hard as a concrete parking lot. 

Then I remembered that I didn't do as good a job last year tilling that area and apparently it didn't soften itself up by itself in the off season.

I reluctantly scratched around with the tiller bouncing around on top of the ground for a little while and only managed to get a couple inches into the dirt, and by then I made an executive decision that it was break time. 

Then I poured myself a fresh drink and sat down with my neighbor Danny to catch up on the local gossip (My neighbors who are ten years my senior do all of their own lawn work and, because I hire a "lawn guy" to do my lawn they like to watch me when on the rare occasion I actually attempt to do anything in my yard.)

Turns out we were sort of starring in the local tongue waging banter because of Pat's trip to the hospital last week. 

Meanwhile, back in the garden, after fooling around making very little progress I made another executive decision.

I took the rest of the afternoon off.

Some people might consider it sacrilegious to spend part of Easter Sunday working in my garden, but the way I look it things the Bible says the Lord helps those that help themselves.

And eating one of the quality tomatoes I grew last year could be considered by some if not many as a Religious experience...thus I balm my conscience with that realization.

So instead of "fishing for men", I'm "tilling for tomatoes" this Easter.

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