Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just Wait Until The Gouverm't Runs Your Doctor's Office

"Mr. Rogers...Follow Me..."

Check out this latest crap that the latest so called "professional"  TSA agents at an airport are responsible for..."

A Detroit father said agents with the Transportation Security Administration singled out his special-needs son for a pat-down while the family was headed to Disney World, reported, an incident that the TSA admitted was a “case of bad judgment.”

 David Mandy said agents at Detroit Metro Airport took his son Drew, 29, and asked him about the padding underneath his pants, which turned out to be adult diapers. Drew, who is severely mentally disabled, had trouble understanding the agents’ orders because his family said he has the mental capacity of a 2-year-old.\

 When the father tried to intervene and explain Drew’s disability, he said the two agents said, “Please, sir, we know what we’re doing.”

The agents confiscated a six-inch plastic hammer, something Drew had carried with him for 20 years for comfort. Agents called it a security threat, his father said, adding that they tapped the wall with it and said, “See, it’s hard. It could be used as a weapon.”

I swear I'm at risk of getting myself locked up at an airport before it's all over with if they keep going like this...

Is it just me?

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