Thursday, June 09, 2011

Not Much Going On Around Here

...At Least Not Worth Talking/Writing About...

I spent another three hours wrestling with homeowners insurance related issues yesterday--trying to get decent pricing coming even close to matching the ridiculous low ball number which the State Farm "insurance adjuster" has thrown at me over a month ago.

It's been all I can do to restrain myself from grabbing hold of the little sucker and doing some "adjusting" of my own on his head and arms.

I'm really tired of wasting my time on such a simple project as this--getting a hail storm damaged roof replaced.

I guess that the main result which has come out of this irritating convoluted process is a vivid reminder of how inane and inept sales people are that are forced to deal with the "public" on a day in day out basis.

I've spent tens of millions of dollars personally/professionally through the years doing complicated industrial design and construction projects and I'm here to tell you that 99% of the idiots which have shown up at my door or that I've talked to on the telephone about replacing a simple roof would be escorted out of my office or kicked off of my job site the second they opened their mouths to utter a broken incorrect sentence if they were trying to sell products/services in the industrial/commercial market.

Not to insult my regular and "drive-by" readers because I know that if you are here longer than five seconds each day that you are by and large of a intelligent conservative bent...

But a "chicken and egg" kind of question...I have to ask this.

I don't know if it's that the people in the consumer sales profession just start out feckless and stupid to begin with...

...or if it's a matter of dealing with the public all day every day--a group (the public) in this country many of which are becoming dumber and dumber on an ongoing basis--which causes them (the salesmen sales persons) to be and act that way (stupid).

"Stupid is as stupid does" to quote Forrest Gump...but is "Stupid also contagious?"

Any way, I'm pretty much annoyed as heck at the entire process and ready to bring it all to a conclusion shortly.  To that end, I finally found a company yesterday and if they can do what they say and get the insurance company to agree with their price, they have the job.

They're the same people that put our next door neighbor's roof on over two weeks ago without any heartburn for Danny.

In other news, I couldn't care less about the Weiner's weiner photo story any more. I've seen the photos over on  and my philosophy of "if you've seen one prick you've basically seen them all" still applies.

The little bastard should just resign and slither on back home if his wife will let him and let the country and the world and the media get on with worrying about something that really matters in the big picture (no pun intended.)

It's still hotter than a blast furnace and dryer than the Sahara Desert around here in Eastern Tennessee.  We're having to water the plants and the garden every day and now the front lawn is starting to dry up and needs to see a sprinkler out on it shortly if we don't get some rain.

Even the Turbo Pup has been sitting inside instead of lounging out on her spot on the deck after about 10 AM each day.  You have to wear flip flops because even the pressure treated wood will burn the bottoms of your feet.

I could use about a week on St. Simons Island--where it's ten degrees cooler each day recently--right now to recharge my spirits, but that's pretty much out of the question right now due to funding considerations.

That said, I guess I'll go take a nap for a few hours so I can get up early and plant another load of Tomato and Pepper plants before the thermometer hits 80 degrees.

I trust that you will have a LOVELY day, and regards Y'all...

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