Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mind Racing...Body Barely Able To Keep Up

Somebody Say "AMEN"...


I finally got a big check in the mail yesterday.


After dancing around naked for about 12 seconds I put back on my clothes and ran to the bank, and then I managed to get off of my lumbering rear end and started making new business travel plans.

An hour later I had spent nearly a thousand dollars on renting and borrowing crap related to travel...

Now Thursday afternoon we're off to South Carolina so I can spend  a day in an Adhesives Plant on Friday installing new software and cleaning up some other technical details on one customer's job site.

Then after hanging out with my old College Buddy Rusty for dinner we'll get up and blast back across the Smokey Mountains through Asheville on Saturday.

Then after re-organizing my suitcase I'm getting up and getting on an airplane at FIVE FREAKING THIRTY AM Sunday morning to fly to Baltimore, then taking an Amtrak train to Aberdeen, Maryland, then hiring a taxi to take me on up to a Bed and Breakfast in Havre de Grace (the same one which pissed me off in April...I'm giving them a second chance) in preparation of spending another day and one half in a Plastics Bottle Plant updating another PLC system on Monday.

Then after smearing my face with paint and dancing around in a loincloth exorcizing the deamons from the equipment and smearing chicken blood all over myself and the hardware, hopefully sometime late Tuesday afternoon I will jump back on an Amtrak train, fly from Baltimore to LaGuardia, then LaGuardia to Washington Dulles International, the back here to the Turbo Pup Compound in West Knoxtown.

Pretty Darn Crazy Idea...Huh?

Well, I actually have a strategic reason for accepting the ridiculous schedule coming back home Tuesday.

I only have about 45 minutes between flights, and I know that it is almost an absolute certainty flying in that over crowded corridor of the northeast that if anyone anywhere so much as sneezes or farts...or better yet there is a single drop of rain or a wind blowing over 1/2 mile per hour...that the entire air travel network will melt down and YOU KNOW WHAT?

At the end of the day I'll end up spending Tuesday night somewhere in a Hotel at US Air's expense and I'll come back home sometime Wednesday little worse for the wear with a couple hundred dollars worth of "denied boarding" passes.

So now I have to collect my thoughts and get a brief nap before my programmer shows up here at 9 AM this morning to finish up a couple of nagging details on a program.

Y'all have a LOVELY balance of the week, and I'll write when I can and it might mean something or nothing depending on my circumstances and state of mine.

Regards Y'all...

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