Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Reality "Twenty-One" ... Me "Zero"

Losing The War While Winning A Few Battles...

Needless to say I am totally pissed off right now at the state of my financial affairs.

This after working my ass off over the past decade to recover from a "significant" setback when my old company was forced out of business when a couple of my customers decided to go bankrupt and take me with them down that legal/financial carnival ride to hell.

Now today once again I've built things back up to some reasonable level of solvency.

And I spend my days wheeling and dealing and selling things while at the same time paying all of our bills on time including three insurance companies which collect a substantial amount of cash each month with the idea of protecting what ever money we manage to earn and keep in the bank at the end of the year.

I'm sure many of my readers do the same thing day in and day out, but check this crap out.

I have not one but TWO outstanding claims with my insurance companies...one with the health insurance idiots and one with the homeowners insurance bastards, and now going on two/three months later I don't seem to be able to convince them that they should pay a SINGLE FREAKING DIME toward the claims processes.

And then there is my current major PLC System Customer over in the Carolina's which is going on a half month late making final payment on their system installed in May...after being a half month late on their first payment.

What really pisses me off is how the average Redneck Consumer like me is held to one commercial standard...pay your bills on time else get reported to the "Credit Bureaus"...while companies like I deal with on a day in and day out basis basically laugh in your face and take their time paying after you have financed and delivered your product to them.

It's not like I can show up with a set of wire cutters and a Phillips head screwdriver and repossess my Control system and sensors because there's just not much of a demand for that kind of thing down the street here in Knoxville or over in your neighborhood.

And yet they make you crawl around and cut your price to the bare bones when you write your proposal and then the silly bitches in "Accounts Payable" just shrug their shoulders and write you a check whenever they finally get around to it in spite of the "payment terms" on the Contract.

And these shameless liars running my second health insurance company in four years? 

All they have done is BOUNCE EVERY SINGLE BILLING FROM MY HOSPITAL VISIT IN APRIL and now the "service providers" i.e. the doctors and radiologists are coming after me demanding payment while the bean counters in the offices of the insurance company screw around apologizing and making excuses.

All I know is that when you see the news with some story about some guy walking into an office out there in middle 'Merica with a giant weapon proceeding to cause mayhem and carnage...

sometimes--while I don't agree with him--I somehow understand how he might have suffered a breakdown and got to the point where it seemed like the only thing left to do.

You want "Health Care Reform?"  Don't give me "Government Insurance", just get the "Government" to help me make the so called "Insurance Companies" honestly honor their agreements with their customers.
Is it just me?


That will be all...for now...

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HEATHER said...

No it's not just you!
Things got so bad with our sign company, I finally started putting a little statement on the bottom of the bill to the effect of "5% discount if paid by (date)" and giving them a 20 day window to do it. It actually worked for some companies and we were able to get paid in a timely fashion.
On the insurance front, you would not believe the crap we have to go through to get the baby's medical bills paid. Our insurance company has an Ombudsman service and most of their staff know us on a first name basis. Hang in there!