Saturday, September 24, 2011

Acting Like An Old Fart At The Beach...

Nap Takes Precedence Over Pool/Beach Time

I'm pleased to report that the Turbo Pup and her entourage made it down to the Condo by about 12:30 local time yesterday afternoon and she proceeded to wander around sniffing everything while I got the car unloaded and the contents trundled up the elevator.

This is the first year in the 25 years we've been coming down to this unit that pets were legal on the property, so by default this is Missy's first trip here.

Unfortunately for pets the beach itself is off limits as well as the pool and pool deck, but at least we got to stay here with her this year.

Meanwhile, my personal energy level prohibited me exhibiting my previous normal beach behavior where within 15 minutes of arrival I threw on my bathing suit and ran screaming out onto the sand.

Yesterday I walked out onto the balcony, broke a sweat looking at the beach, and retired back inside to contemplate a late lunch down at Schooners ( ) "Last Locals Beach Club".

A couple of Corona's and an Oyster Po Boy later, a trip to the grocer for provisions, and I was DONE FOR THE AFTERNOON.

Didn't set foot on the beach or at the Pool AT ALL. Didn't even THINK about hitting happy hour anywhere.

Dang I'm getting OLD I guess.

I did manage to fire up the computer and verify how to use the Internet...which isn't wireless...its hard wired.

But it (the Internet) works so now after a loooonngg nap I'm back up continuing to plan our busy upcoming three weeks.

Y'all have a LOVELY weekend...I know I will...

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Ed Bonderenka said...

In Jax, FL, right now for a wedding.
Will hit the beach later.
If it stops raining...