Monday, September 19, 2011

Baking Barking At Catfish

The Turbo Pup Takes Her Work Seriously...

Well, I'm pleased to report that we finally got down here to the Farm in lower Alabama about 5:30 Sunday afternoon after a seven hour drive and attending a birthday party in the middle of the process.

Missy the Turbo Pup proceeded to drive us crazy from the minute we got out of the car and started unloading luggage--wanting to go down to the dock and yell at the fish.

I was too tired to actually go fishing but I did manage to let her drag us down to the lake and I brought some old pieces of stale bread along I had for the occasion and after tossing it out in small chunks the fish put on a pretty good show and we worried about possibly having to get the pup--who had a bath yesterday--out of the water because she leaned so far out on the dock while spasming and yelping and yipping.

I promised her I'd take her fishing again this morning, and on that note it's time to do a little work and get some sleep in preparation for a long two weeks.

Regards Y'all

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