Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Food Tip O' The Day

Stuff You Might Not Otherwise Know About...

For a few years now I've been cooking a good deal of stuff based on Eastern and Southern Mediterranean recipes...

Stuff from Turkey and Lebanon and Morocco specifically.

Needless to say they do things a little differently over there and some of the ingredients are hard to find here in the US at your local Kroger or Publix Grocer.

Tonight I made a Crisp Rrosemary Flatbread made based on this recipe...basically flour and water and baking powder and some oilve oil and salt and rosemary.  I added a little white pepper for a little kick.

Then I put together a plate around my bread with some Green and Kalamata Olives and the
Moroccan Pepper spice blend called Hharissa sold on line and here locally in a specialty Grocer by a company called Mustaphas.

The other ingredients on the plate was some Cultured "Labne" Kkefir Cheese which beats the heck out of sour cream and cream cheese and whole milk ricotta cheese.

My mouth is burning in a good sort of way and my eyes are watering a little but MAN...

I'd pay money for this kind of stuff if I could find it in a restaurant.

But then again...why pay restaurant prices when I can make it myself here at home in the middle of the night?

(by the way if you are not paying attention anything I write published in RED is a link to a website and all you have to do is click on it to go there...)

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