Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Obama Still Full Of Crap

He Needs A Good  Ass Whoopin' Economics Lesson...

In writing this blog posting this morning I assume that probably 99% of my readers are non-pilots, and further, I assume that 99.9% of my readers both don't own a "Corporate Aircraft" including piston engine/turboprop/jet and have also never flown on a "Corporate Aircraft" in their entire life.

I have had that experience several times--flying on a "Corporate Aircraft"--and I wasn't going on vacation (and it was somebody else's "Corporate Aircraft.")

That said, I want to make a couple of points here about our disingenuous President's commentary and constant harping on "Corporate Jets" and "Corporate Jet Owners."

First of all, just like motor homes and tour buses owned by famous musicians and some athletes like NASCAR drivers and others, "Corporate Jets" are not a LUXURY.

They are a time saving NECESSITY for them to conduct the business which they do. 

It is much safer and much less time consuming, if you are the owner of a successful business,  to be able to have your plane on standby on an hour's notice and be able to drive over to the airport (possibly in your private limousine), get on your "Corporate Jet" and blast off across country from Knoxville to Houston or where ever when ever to attend a meeting and possibly get a new order or correct a dire problem on one of your existing projects.

Yes, a perk to owning a "Corporate Jet" is being able to also use it to fly to St. Simons Island or Aruba or Micronesia on vacation, but by in large the hours on the engines and airframe of most of the "Millionaires and Billionaires" "Corporate Jets" are generally afforded to business purposes.

Heck, it takes me two hours on the Kayak Website to make a decision about an air fair and hotel every time I leave town, and the "Corporate Jet Owner" can be out of town this morning and back in town this afternoon and doesn't even need to stay in a Bedbug infested hotel room overnight in the process.

He or She doesn't even need to pack luggage.

Yet President Obama, in his never ending campaign of Class Warfare, continues to sprinkle in the words "Corporate Jets" almost every single time he opens his stupid Race Baiting mouth.

And you know what?

President Obama is the EXACT person which signed into law in his original STIMULUS BILL in 2009 the CURRENT set of IRS rules allowing the accelerated depreciation of business assets like "Corporate Jets" which he and the other Democrats are constantly bitching and complaining about on a daily basis.

I tried to do some research to find out exactly how many corporate jets are already in service and how many are actually rolling out of the factories annually, but I ran out of patience.  I do know that there are less than 200 Gulfstream V's out there and I think if you add LearJet and Cessna Citation and the other brands together I pretty well believe that there are not a total of 1,000 new "Corporate Jets" built and sold each year...


And yet this idiot we have elected President insists on hanging the words "Corporate Jets" onto and around and in the middle of every speech and every written document that comes out of his office.

This is stupid shit...Ladies and Gentlemen.

If you put a 100% tax on every "Corporate Jet", you know what would happen?

Every "Corporate Jet" builder would go out of business.

If you think back, the Congress already tried that tactic with the 1984 "Luxury Tax" on cars (automobiles) and boats (Yachts) and airplanes ("Corporate Jets") which cost over $100,000.

It ended up nearly putting everybody in those businesses out of business before they re-thought their "non-thinking" and understood that adding a tax to a product in facts discourages the production and use of that product.

They use the exact logic on Tobacco under the guise of taxation reducing the number of people smoking cigarettes, but they reverse the logic when it comes to "Corporate Jets" thinking taxation won't actually kill jobs as the production of "Corporate Jets" declines

What a bunch of stupid dumbasses we have in government.

Think about this crap before November 2012, and try not to vote like a Dumbass yourself...



Ed Drew said...

At a minimum, you are 100% correct on your assessment of Obama and his corporate jet thingy.

Anonymous said...

I intended to say that I am a private pilot and while I don't own a corporate jet, I have flown many times on them. I worked for International Paper and they had several. I never flew on any of them except on business and they were a God send at the time. Saved much time for all of us.

Ed Drew said...

that last comment was from me, I think it sent it before I got my name on it.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Is Air Force One not the biggest corporate jet in the world?