Monday, September 12, 2011

Goin' To Mexico (Beach)

Two Weeks In Paradise

Unless something really weird or stupid happens, this week I'll spend half my time making a long list and packing up stuff for me and Pat and Missy the Turbo Pup in anticipation of a two week saga down through Alabama and into and onto the Florida Panhandle.

Week Number 1, beginning next Sunday, will involve attending the celebration of my Dear Aunt Mary's 90th birthday in middle Alabama, before proceeding south to the Farm for a week.

I'm sure that if the weather holds out I'll get to stand on the roof for a while cleaning gutters and probably have some other maintenance issues like fallen trees on the fences and stuff to take care of, but hopefully the Turbo Pup can go fishing with me and attack some Bream and Catfish over the next five days.

Then the following Friday we're heading down to our Timeshare Condo in Panama City Beach for a week...this being something like the 25th year or so we've visited the place...just to sit on my fat butt and do virtually nothing but a little cooking and drinking and possibly some deep sea fishing over that next seven day period.

Of course we have high speed Internet everywhere we'll be staying and  Pat can work when she needs to and I can work if anyone wants me to also---those opportunities being sort of few and far between right now, but any way...

I was fooling around the Internet tonight and found a couple of more of my favorite James Taylor songs posted on YouTUBE from the same session of recordings made at his home in Martha's Vinyard that I posted previously.

Here's "Mexico"...and we'll be having dinner in Mexico Beach Florida one night...and "Smiling Face"...which is what my face hopefully is going to be doing over the next two or three weeks

( an inside joke I just have to ask..."what's WRONG with your FACE"...Rusty???)

And you're WELCOME...

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