Thursday, October 27, 2011

Changing Home Utility Services

Lord...Give Me The Strength To Not Get In The Car And Go Kill A "Customer Service" Idiot

I've spent a couple of hours over the past few days fiddling around on various monopoly utility service websites trying to get the power and gas and cable TV turned on out in Tulsa next week.

I finally gave up and resorted to getting on the telephone today, since I had to call the City of Tulsa any way for trash and water service.  Only the government would have a website telling you what they can do for you but making you call them to sign up.

The other feckless utilities are all having some problem because the previous resident of our house--the builder and developer of the sub division--just moved out and their computers haven't caught up with the process.

So any way...I just got off of the phone with Cox Communications for the third time in five minutes and I'm not feeling any better about them than I do about Comcast for Cable and Internet service.

Either I can't speak clearly else the "customer service" representative can't hear and understand my Alabama/Georgia/Florida/Tennessee Southern Redneck Accent--or AGFTSR Accent for short...

So now it's time to call the Electric company and the Gas Company and finally the Government, so you will excuse me while my eyeballs roll further back into their sockets and my ever greying, ever balding head starts spinning at a speed approaching orbital rotational velocity.


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