Saturday, October 29, 2011

We're Having A Carport Sale...

As If I Already Didn't Have Enough Stuff To Do...

So last night we took the neighbors--Danny and Sheila--out to dinner to thank them for their good company in the past 4-1/2 years and for the stuff they are going to do for us in the future like keeping the homeless "occupy Knoxville" crowd from moving into our vacant house before we can rent the place later this winter.

Earlier I drove around West Knox picking up some last minute things at Lowe's and Home Depot before cutting the FINAL BOARDS and hanging the NEW DART BOARD down in the Wee Pub.

That's right  Ladies and Gentlemen...all that's left to do in my basement besides moving everything onto a truck on it's way to Tulsa, Oklahoma is a little paint and stain.

It's really sort of sad because I put so much attention and effort into the design and details and I'll hardly have more than a couple of nights to enjoy the finished room before I leave the state pretty much forever.

Now I have to go back down in the basement and crack open some paint cans and swab some paint on a few things, and push some stuff around toward the Carport door in anticipation of having a "yard sale" in my carport from 8 AM to 2 PM today.  We have a whole bunch of stuff we don't want to pay to move again, and it's either going to sell on Saturday else go to Goodwill/Habitat for Humanity on Monday.

That said...Regards Y'all...hope you have a LOVELY weekend..

I probably won't but I'll try my best any way.

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