Sunday, January 07, 2007

Tactical Bullshit

Why Don’t We Just Hand Them All Of Our Plans?

Picture me slumped over my keyboard, with my eye’s rolled back in my head and drool running out of the corner of my mouth, dripping onto my stomach.

Now picture me as a professional journalist…but I’m being redundant…

Now let me ask you this question:

How the hell can the so called “war on terrorism” be successfully fought if the media and the politicians insist on broadcasting to the so-called terrorists our every move, weeks in advance of our efforts?

Seriously, if we want to actually win this military engagement, why do we keep on telling them what we are going to do and where and when we are going to do it well in advance so that they can prepare for it?

If a football team had to play every game with a TV news reporter looking over the coach’s shoulder and one standing in the huddle with the players, and before each play they announced “option run to the right” or “long pass downfield on a post pattern,” how successful do you think that their offensive scoring efforts would be.

Then if you told the defense that they had to try to stop the opposing team from scoring, but that they couldn’t tackle anyone without causing a public uproar, wouldn’t you expect to be on the losing end of the score?

Our current fiasco is the debate over the "surge" of 25,000 extra US troops into Iraq sometime in the near future.

Blaa Blaa blaa, blaa, blaaaaa blaaaa blaaaa blaaaa...

"OK Mister towel head terrorist...go ahead and run away or hide because if you wait a few months the status will be quo again and you can go back to placing roadside bombs after Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats cut funding and we all head for San Francisco to attend another Grateful Dead concert."

Unfortunately, Israel is in the same boat as the US, with the publication of the latest British Newspaper’s accounts of possible strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities with small scale atomic weapons.

Of course Israel is denying making any such plans BUT, if the story were TRUE, the stupid %$#@& British pacifist press has put Iran on notice and if they are smart their fighters are on heightened alert status and like Iraq they are probably moving personnel and equipment/materials around to prevent possible destruction.

I swear to God, I wish that we could just divide the country up based on political ideology, build a wall around the states containing all of the left leaning anti-war, anti-law enforcement, anti-death penalty crowd, and let nature take it's course.

I guaran-damn-tee you that within five years they (the leftists) would be bankrupt with the loss of MY tax dollars (and those like me of similar mind), and Canada and Mexico will have invaded and taken over what was left after the crack addicts and thugs got through raping and pillaging the lovely leftists' asses.

My opinion may be unpopular and politically incorrect, but I know that I'm RIGHT, and I'll die defending your right to disagree with me.

I truely wish that the feeling was mutual...


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